Light Up Fairy Costume

If fairies are magical creatures, why can’t your fairy costume light up? Well, now it can!

Let your imagination run wild this Halloween with a costume that shimmers, glows and sparkles from the inside! Fiber optics makes it possible.

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Light Up Sexy Green Fairy CostumeThis Halloween, fairies, sprites and pixies are real! In a magically twinkling costume (and some hidden batteries), you will be all aglow and twinkling as a magical fairy! You will definitely be the winged belle of the ball.

Most fiber optic costumes also come with a glowing wand, so be sure to enchant as many people as possible. To complete your ethereal look, clip light up accents in your hair as well!

Check out a couple of these glittery costumes:

Brite Sprite Light Up Adult Costume

Now this little fairy all aglow is certain to give Tinker Bell some stiff competition! It is also a certainty to put the twinkle in some gent’s eye. The fiber optics woven throughout the base of the dress is certainly an eye opener. The bright green is certainly an enhancement. Even the transparency of the wings seem to glow from the backlash of the fibre optics.

The cute little tiara adds just a hint of innocence. When dressed in this light up costume you will be able to flit around in the dark with no problems of seeing where you are going. Be the magical enchantress and light the room where ever you go!

Light up child fairy costumeLight Up Coral Fairy Child Costume

Nothing is as delicate or enthralling as a child who is dressed in this magnificent light up fairy costume. With the soft coloring of the coral and aqua dress, enhanced with fiber optic lights in the skirts, it creates an illusion that one can just not take their eyes off.

Your young fairy will look like she has just stepped out of the pages of a story book, all lit up and ready to fly around the neighbourhood gathering some goodies that are sure to be waiting for her!

Fiber Optic Fairy tale Princess Toddler Costume

Child Princess light up costumePretty as a picture are the best words to describe this youngster all bright and shiny thanks to the fibre options woven throughout the skirt of this light up costume. She is sure to bring anyone in the King’s court to their knees when she parades about in this satin dress of the purest shade of ivory.

That touch of gold along with the pink ruffled trim comes to life as it reflects off the lights of the costume. The fibre optic skirt brings the shades of pink to their utmost innocence and purity. Truly, a glittery princess to be adored.

Glowbys Hair Accessories

Fiber Optic Glowbys Hair AccessoryNow there is no doubt you are going to love the light up costumes, so why not go all the way and light up your hair with these great fiber optic hair strands?

You are bound to be a glowing delight and most certainly the life of the party. With you wearing your light up fairy costume and light up hair accessories, there is no worry about a power outage. You will provide enough shimmering light for the whole party!

Glowbys come in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, red, gold, white, rainbow colors. (The rainbow colors shift and change into a variety of sparkling color.)

With these flashing hair accessories you are sure going to light up the festivities! Just choose a favourite light up costume ( the fairy ones are fantastic!) and you are ready to light up any room that you step in. If you like to be the center of attention, here is your chance. You can style your hair all different ways when wearing these sparkling light hair accessories and really look terrific.

What Do You Know About Fairies?

A fairy has been known by many different names over the years in many different cultures. They have been called faery, faerie, fae, fay, or people of peace, good folk, fair folk and wee folk, to name but a few. They generally are described as being mythical or legendary creatures that are somewhat elf like in appearance, with shimmering wings and magical powers, sometimes to do mischief! What do you wish to do in your shimmery, glowing fairy costume?

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